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Power of Positive Confessions and Beliefs

  Today's post is a quick read, a little something to push you this new week. The church service yesterday was totally about beliefs ,humility, low self expectations and how it all affects us as human beings and how we…

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Procrastination and personal growth

Do you postpone what needs to be done "NOW" till later?..I am so guilty too! (more…)

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Hello darlings, I feel like with children you really can't plan your life and be as organized as you would ┬álove to because they(children)can spring up different surprises on you...and for them, you have no choice than to adjust plan..…

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to my blog! To say I am excited about finally starting this blog is to say the least,┬ábecause I have been everything from afraid, to anxious, to worried and even doubtful of my abilities and scared I…

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