Motherhood means road trips, hours prepping your children, and balancing work life and family if you have a business. But there’s a secret weapon to make everything a little more entertaining: PODCASTS.

Whether you’re preparing for a newborn or watching as your little one play, these downloadable audios are perfect for mums who have their hands full and no time to relax. They provide all of the entertainment that a book or tv show can provide. Also, with the added benefit of being able to engage your brain while going about your normal mum routine.

List of Podcasts Every Mum Should Listen to

One of our goals for October should be to stay informed, especially with so much happening recently.

Being a mum can be overwhelming and it is very easy to get lost taking care of everything that constantly keeps coming up at home.

Listening to podcasts can be a source of learning, entertainment, and also a tool to make for mothers to feel less alone in parenting their kids.

So, pick up your phone and some headphones and check out these podcasts below.

1) Coffee And Crumbs

Coffee and Crumbs started as a blog where moms wrote unfiltered personal struggles about motherhood. The blog became so popular that the creators, Ashlee Gadd and April Hoss, turned it into a bestseller book and finally a podcast.

On the show, the hosts discuss how mothers can parent their children and also tackle relatable motherhood issues. As a mum, if you are looking for a podcast that will equip you with knowledge and also make you laugh, this one should be on your list.

2) Sorta Awesome

This weekly podcast focuses on keeping mothers abreast of all things awesome, entertainment, and general motherhood chat. The host’s goal is for their listeners to find “awesome bits” in their life and feel empowered and excited about parenting.

3) Longest Shortest Time Podcast

The Longest Shortest Time is among the most popular and successful running parenting podcasts. It is a mix of emotional and funny conversations that keeps the listeners engaged throughout.

4)Solo Parent Life

Solo parent life is one of the best podcasts for single mothers. The weekly episodes share relatable stories that single mums face; their trials, tribulations, ups, and downs, and emotional stress.

5) Mama Said with Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Jenna Parris

Actress Jamie-Lynn and musician Jenna team up for this podcast to share their embarrassing mum moments and also talk on the hard parenting topics.

This podcast is so relatable because Jamie-Lynn manages to be a mom to 2 boys while also handling her business and traveling. In each episode, they both share their best mum tips and tricks. Hence, if you are looking for a safe mom-zone, definitely tune in to their weekly episodes.

6) Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker

Mothers try to navigate their children through an always evolving world that they themselves don’t often understand.

In Parenting Great Kids podcast, Dr. Meg Meeker, America’s trusted pediatrician on everything motherhood,  children’s healthcare, and parenting offers practical insights to help mothers simplify their parenting. In each episode, the best selling author has conversations with experts & parents to provide answers to pondering questions, & also provide encouragement to every mum.

7)Motherhood in Hollywood

podcast-for-momsOn this podcast, actress, and comedian Heather Brooker gives you an honest look into what motherhood in the entertainment business looks like. Each episode features interviews with Holly wood stars- celebrity guests, producers, writers, musicians, and anyone in the business.

8)Your Parenting Mojo

For mothers who love research, Your Parenting Mojo is the parenting podcast for you. Hosted by Jen Lumanlan, the podcast offers tested research ideas you should use for your little ones to thrive. Each episode ranges from topics like the type of school your children should attend, to relocation tips for mothers and how to determine your child’s personality.

9)Boss Mom

This is a great podcast for working moms. Despite your current position in their life and career, Boss Mom compares a lot of the available tools moms can use to assist them in achieving their ‘boss status’. Hosted by Dana Malstaff, the podcast is a valuable asset for mompreneurs who want to kill it both at home and work.

10) The Balance and Motherhood Podcast

For mothers searching for ways they can balance and motherhood, the Balance and Motherhood Podcast is for you.

Hosted by Sarah Bivens, the podcast shares ways mothers can balance family, work, family, and friends while still having time for self-care. Everything you do not know how to ask publicly, she talks about on ber show using humor, honesty, and compassion.

Did we miss out on any on our list? Let us know in the comments below and do not forget to share!


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