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So I know it’s been a month since you last read from me. I didn’t go AWOL. Life has just been really eventful and so much stuff has happened.


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I kept postponing my blog shoots (and by that I mean a month long postponing) mainly because I have had no one to babysit the kids (thank God for school during the week). It got so bad and I was becoming somewhat upset and anxious because If you remember from this post here part of my resolve for 2017 was to become more consistent with creating content for my blog but the lack of help ‘kinda’ tried to pull me back. However, I woke up Sunday last week and decided instead of being upset about not having help, I’ll take my boys with me, take their toys along to keep them distracted and carry on with my shoot which would be a WIN-WIN situation right? So I took them with me.

Mother and son
I feel like I need to start writing lifestyle posts as well, to keep y’all updated on what I’ve been up to. Anyway, let’s dive into today’s post which was inspired by my experience narrated above..

You know how when you are single or newly married, your whole life looks organized, you call the shots and decide what to do with your time and set priorities and all.

Then… the kids come and it’s a whole new flip where if one isn’t careful and intentional about finding a balance between being you and being a mother, you could totally topple and end up living without really being alive. I know a lot of mums can relate to this – whether you are a Stay-At-Home queen or a Working Mum (full or part time)

Styling Tuxedo blazer dress

In my experience, being a working mum can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because your attention is divided between work and family and even some stay at home moms feel some guilt about their family not having enough money and other associated issues… each Man with his own… but the key is to finding this balance is being able to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between your profession or the lack of it and parenthood.
I’ll share with you 5 ways I ensure my work/personal life and my family flourishes. Hopefully, they’ll help you as well.

• Plan, plan then plan you’ll go about planning!

Avoid starting the day on a frazzled note by getting organized the night before. I know it’s easier said than done because you may be tired and all, but you’ll be grateful you did when the morning chaos is avoided.

Lay out your children’s clothes (including your own and your husband’s and other things you might need). Decide what’s for breakfast; Pack lunch bags; Pack diaper bags, Work bags, Laptop bags, Gym bags (for after work workout) etc. Place them by the door or in a designated area of your so you can grab them easily in the morning and not forget anything as you rush out….

It also really helps if you have a checklist. It’ll make you more efficient in time management.

•Figure out your family’s priorities.

Understanding what’s important to the wellbeing  and welfare of your family is really important . Put those first before other luxuries. Needs over wants always!

Creating a calendar which includes dates stating when bills are due, a chore chart for the kids, a list of school and family events, travels, extracurricular activities, birthdays, and more really helps to keep you on top of things.


•Minimize distractions

Be disciplined and set time limits for the things that can tick you off track unknowingly  e.g checking emails or making phone calls and determine other things you can do when the kids are asleep.

Reduce TV watching to twice a week to maximize time with your hubs during the evenings. I hardly watch any TV these days even…

Also, try to avoid multitasking, especially during family time or time outs..(Gregory if you are reading this post I know you are rolling your eyes at me, I’m a lot better ) .

Mum and her two boys


At work, you definitely would have rapport with your colleagues but numerous email exchanges, casual Internet surfing, endless peep at social media esp Instagram (I’m still so, so guilty) are distractions that will make you less productive without you realizing it until the day ends.

Focus on the job to be done and talk to colleagues during breaks or lunchtime.

Also refuse to be the “workplace dump” .Politely say No to assisting a colleague if helping them will affect your own deliverable for the day .

There’s nothing more annoying than spending your entire day doing other people’s task and allowing yours suffer because you are being nice…

This really improves one’s productivity.

•Cut the guilt.

There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious and wanting to build something for yourself. After all, you were given life for a purpose and fulfilling your destiny is part of that purpose. You can be much more than a just mum. Sure, it will be a struggle to keep everything balanced but if you really put your mind to it, it’s possible.

On that note, another thing to remember is that you are just a human being and life tends to get in the way a lot so cut yourself some slack when you don’t tick off all your tasks for the day or week.

You’re trying your best so don’t feel guilty over tasks you couldn’t perform or things you forgot about. You’ll get it done next time, it’s just about planning better.

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•Set private time for yourself

With effective time management , you can fit in valuable “me” time regularly. A refreshing break will help you recharge while taking care of personal needs.

“Because your time is divided between your home and your work , make sure to manage your energy well so you don’t burn out. You can’t be an effective spouse or parent if you’re unhappy or cranky. So it is very important to take time to care for yourself to feel relaxed and effective.

Lose yourself in a book before you go to sleep (works like magic for me) , if you can afford it treat yourself to a spa day or take a bubble bath once a week at home. Fit in time for exercise (like a yoga class) or find time to exercise and stretch at home to keep you refreshed and relaxed.

Remember to eat well and get enough rest – simple things that even me neglect sometimes.

You’re an individual, in the process of balancing your life, do not forget that you are your own person with your life to live. It’s easy to forget .

Like I always say “Only a happy woman can make a good mum and wife , so whatever happy means to you , find it and create your life balance…

Styling Tuxedo blazer dress

I understand and trust me, it’s a daily struggle. We’re all still trying to figure things out, what works and what doesn’t. Join me on this journey and I hope you enjoy the ride. Till the next post.

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  1. Hi lovely write up this was me in December no help with my kids. Keep on being u this article should inspire a lot of working mums.

  2. The world will been a better place if the majority of the female gender reason in this light… Thanks for the inspiration

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  4. This post is just what I needed today. You just reminded me of The Checklist Manifesto. Think I need to revisit that book. Thanks, Toyosi, for this inspiration.

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