I’m feeling my assistant gently nudging and pinching my waist, I don’t care. That’s our cue for “stop buying” “its enough”. But I’m a collector of pretty things and these bathing soaps that look like cupcakes are very beautiful.

“i’ll have one, and another one…”.   This post is long overdue , because of some technical issues with my computer , but its better late than never they say right?  Let’s get into it…

The beauty exhibition is an exotic festival of all things beauty and art. Even though i missed the first show, I made sure I got to the landmark event centre oniru lagos where it was holding just in time.

All the stalls were beautifully decorated displaying various products ranging from haircare, skincare to even bodycare and wellness.

As soon as we  got into the landmark centre, we were greeted by a cheerful hostess who registered us and gave us tags.

Then i was free to roam the stalls * winks.

beauty africa -germaine de capuccini

First stop was Germaine de cappuccino, they had quite an amazing range of beauty products: anti ageing, spa and skincare products. the lady in charge recommended this particular  face wash range for my oily skin. beauty africa -germaine de capuccini

beauty africa -germaine de capucciniThen i headed over to Nectar Beauty Hub Stand (Shea moisture and Cantu natural hair products haven). The whole place was swarming with naturalists of all hair type and length , the staffs were courteous and even  helped me choose between the jamaican black castor oil and the shea butter range because of my colour damaged hair and thinning edges. so * my edges be super fleeking in a bit.

beauty africa exhibition-Nectar beauty hub

My next stop was at Bath Kandy, i was actually trying to make my way to a make up stand but those amazing cup…. or should i say soap cakes caught my eyes.


beauty africa exhibition -BathKandy soap cakes

beauty africa exhibition -BathKandy soap cakes

beauty africa exhibition -BathKandy soap cakes




beauty africa exhibition - Toyosi Gregory-Jonah x BathKandy Blondie Okpuzo the founder was there on hand to educate me on what each of the soap cakes were made from and for , to enable me choose which was best for my skin. So we settled for Activated Charcoal face soap which is specially made for oily skin , and she was kind enough to hand me a sample of her Goat Milk soap which enhances facial glow .Yass I’m about that glow life..


So after leaving the Bath Kandy stand with a few products to try out , i returned to my normal course to the PROVOC make up stand which had really nice long wear lip pencils  “y’all know i can’t stop buying make up” *covers face* . (check out my latest makeup haul here )

At this exhibition , the lip liners costed a fraction of what they normally retail for. so i  bought a few. *Please don’t judge me.

beauty africa exhibition -PROVOC MAKE UP

Their false eyelashes looked fabulous though i didn’t buy any , because I’m still trying to get a hang of false lash application…Fix it Jesus!!!


Well, this is the tale of how i left the 2016 Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conferences with 3 full shopping bags and quite a dent in my purse.

So lovelies, do watch out for my review of some these products. Fellow beauty junkies what have you been up to ? Let’s have a mini chat in the comment section.


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