Beyond Playtime: 12 Creative Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Spending quality time with your children is so precious. It entails creating a connection with your children that will last forever

While games, sports, and trips can be fantastic ways to spend quality time and connect with your children, they are not the only ways to spend time with them. 

There is a whole universe of activities that you can do together with your children to create lasting and lovely memories that will deepen your bond.

In this guide, you will learn some unique and creative things you can on do with your children. 

Beyond Playtime: 12 Creative Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Creative Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Reading Together

Reading together can be fun and educational. Choose age-appropriate books and take turns reading to each other.

You can also pick out old books you read when you were younger and read them together again with your children.

Talk about the characters, the plot, the flow, the themes, and the lessons learned.  

If the books have movies about them, you can watch the movies together. 

Cooking or Baking

Cooking with your children can be a fun experience. You can pick out a dish your children love and invite them to the kitchen to make it with you.

Get them involved in the cooking activities. They can carry out simple cooking tasks like measuring ingredients or stirring the batter. 

Discuss the recipe, cooking process, and the importance of each process, and allow them to air their opinions.

You can even ask questions like, “What do you think we should add to the cake?” Let them make suggestions and experiment with different recipes.

Do not worry whether the dish will come out well or not. If it doesn’t come out well, you can all laugh about it and try it again. 


Make storytelling fun by saying them with silly voices to mimic each character in your story. You can tell stories of your childhood, silliest adventures, and school days; the list is endless. 

Do not be the only one taking; allow your children to tell their own stories.

They might be about fun times in school, what happened at the mall or the children’s playground, or anything else.

In addition to being fun, this helps them develop their retention ability and communication skills. 

 Nature Walks

You can go on leisurely walks in parks or nature trails in the evening or morning when the sun is not up.

You can use this time to explore the outdoors, observe your neighborhood, discuss wildlife, and appreciate the beauty of nature together. It is usually an educative moment.

It gets you in tune with your environment and allows you to discuss it with your children. 

DIY Projects

If you like DIY projects, you can get your children to create things together. You can work on DIY projects around the house, such as building a birdhouse, making a fort, or refurbishing old furniture. 

Do not be focused on just teaching them. Converse with them; you can even tell a story or gist about random stuff during the whole process.

Apart from creating a bond with your children through conversations, you are teaching them basic skills that will be useful to them. 

Music Time

Listen to music together, sing together, and possibly teach them musical instruments. Introduce them to different genres and teach them how to identify music in each genre.

They should also be taught how to express themselves through music or by playing a musical instrument. You can even tell them to sing a song based on their feelings. This allows you to know them more deeply and connect with them better. 


Start a journal together where you can document special memories, experiences, or feelings. Each child should have a journal, and the writing should be done together simultaneously and around the same space.

After writing, each person can read what they wrote. This is really fun and a great keepsake to look back on in the future.

Arts and Crafts

If you are good with arts and crafts, you can spend quality time with your children getting creative. It can be drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, or crafting.

This allows your children to express themselves and develop their artistic abilities.


You can start a small garden together in the backyard, whether it’s a vegetable garden, flower bed, or indoor plants.

Take them through the process of farming, explaining every step to them. Apart from planting, teach them about plant care and responsibility.

This infuses positive intrinsic values and allows you to spend time together with your children. 


Volunteering is a fun and learning experience that exposes your children to real-world matters.

It is a two-in-one experience that gives you time with your children while gradually introducing them to real life and teaching them the importance of community service. 

You can engage in community service activities together, such as volunteering at a local charity, cleaning a neighborhood park, or helping at an animal shelter.

Volunteering instills in them and boosts their social skills and confidence. 

Learning a New Skill

You can spend quality time with your children learning a new skill or hobby, whether it’s knitting, coding, photography, or a foreign language.

This is fun, educative, and enjoyable. Ensure the learning process is fun and flexible. Do not make it rigid, or else the purpose of bonding with your children and having a good time may be defeated. 

Family Time-Out 

This can be done in the house or a garden. Here, everybody put their screens away for a designated time.

This allows for focused conversation and opens the door for a deeper connection. It can involve eating together at a round table and conversing.


Remember, these are just springboards to ignite your creativity! Think about what sparks joy for your child.

Consider their interests and tailor these ideas to create unique experiences and strengthen your bond. 

Ready to take it a step further? Share your ideas! Leave a comment below: What are your favorite unplugged activities you do with your child?


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