15 FUN Outdoor Activities For Kids in the Summer

Summer is a fantastic time for kids to enjoy the natural sunlight while playing outside.

Playing outside or engaging in outdoor activities are fun and beneficial to the kid’s physical and mental well-being. It should be part every kids’ schedule. 

However, not all outdoor activities can be considered fun and safe for the kids. This is why, as a parent, you must learn about fun outdoor activities that benefit kids’ health and stimulate their skills and intelligence.

In this article, I will show you the top 15 fun outdoor activities for kids in the summer. Let’s dig in! 

15 FUN Outdoor Activities For Kids in the Summer

 FUN Outdoor Activities For Kids in the Summer

Here are the top 15 fun activities your kids will enjoy. They are safe, fun, and helpful to their health, intellect, and skill development. 

Bike Riding

Bike riding is one of the best ways for your kids to enjoy some natural vitamin D and the summer weather as you do so. It is not only fun but healthy as it is a form of exercise that keeps their body active. 

You can turn bike riding into a fun adventure by creating a scavenger hunt route with landmarks for the kids to find along the way. Another good option is to plan a family destination ride to a nearby ice cream shop, mall, or park for a rewarding treat at the end. 

Outdoor Movie Night

Movie night is an excellent way to create a memorable experience with your kids. There are lots of age-appropriate movies that are super educational and that your kids can watch. Examples of such include: 

To spice it up, you can create a themed movie night with decorations, snacks, and the kids wearing costumes to match the movie you’re screening. You can even let the kids choose which movie to watch beforehand to make it more interactive. 

Outdoor Sports

Teach kids about teamwork and sportsmanship by organizing friendly competitions or games like relay races, flag capturing, or a water balloon toss. Ensure the equipment to be used is appropriate to the ages and skill levels of the kids. Additionally, realign the rules to be relevant to them, even if it takes some of them to relax. 

Planting a Garden

Plating a garden is a fun and educative way of teaching the kids about the plants and their lifecycles. Ensure you engage them in each process, from planting seeds to watering to harvesting. You can also make it more educative by incorporating activities like learning about different soil types and identifying the characteristics of other plants. 

Water Balloon Game

This is a fascinating summer outdoor game that your kids can play around the house, on the lawn, or in the backyard. You only need big balloons with sticks or baseball hats for this game. Fill the balloons with water and tie them to the stick. You can start with 10 to 30 balloons, depending on the number of the kids. 

Place the tied stick horizontally in a designated backyard or lawn. After that, you can lie up to the kid and blindfold them one after the other. Give each of them a stick to burst the water.

Kids find the sudden splash of water thrilling and exciting. You must supervise the kids to avoid any accidents from occurring.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Spice up the scavenger hunt and make it more engaging by including riddles or clues to lead the kids to each item. You can get each kid magnifying glasses or binoculars to observe nature up close if possible.

Picnic in the Park

A picnic in the park is an exciting summer outdoor activity that allows the kids to play and bond more with their parents.

Make the picnic memorable by preparing themed snacks or sandwiches, like animal-shaped cookies or sandwiches cut into fun shapes.

After eating, you can also play card games, puzzles, or frisbee with the kids. Adding games to the picnic schedule makes the picnic more fun. 


If your kids are young, camping out far from home might not be too safe.

Right from your space, you can set the mood for a campout by roasting marshmallows over a fire pit made in the backyard.

You can tell stories and tales, and don’t forget to stargaze before drifting off to sleep under the stars. This can be amazing and relaxing. You need to try this with your kids. 

Fly a Kite

You can buy kits from the mall or make your kites with materials like plastic bags, dowel rods, and string and let the kids decorate them with markers or paint.

Afterward, head to an open field or beach with plenty of space to run and fly their kits. Ensure you keep an eye on them in case any falls while running. 

Rock Painting

If you live around a mountainous area, one fun outdoor activity during the summer is painting the rocks.

Also, you can get pieces of rock and encourage the kids to write positive messages or hashtags before hiding them.

Then, you can ask the other kids to look for the pieces of rock. This spreads joy and positivity to whoever discovers them.

Outdoor Art

This is a fun outdoor activity that helps stimulate the child’s artistic skills. To engage the kids in this activity, provide a variety of art supplies like watercolors, pastels, or clay.

Allow the kids to experiment with different techniques and mediums. You can give them clues on how to go about it, like getting inspiration from their surroundings. 


If your kids aren’t afraid of the water, this is one of the best summer outdoor activities to engage in on a sunny afternoon.

Swimming isn’t just fun. It is a life skill every individual should have. Additionally, it helps to strengthen your muscles and keep the kids fit. 

Passing the Ball

This outdoor activity is usually enjoyable when there are many kids. There are lots of ways to go around this game.

You can tell the kids to pass the ball to each other; anybody who misses is out, and this goes on till the last person standing is declared the winner. You can use any big ball for his game. 

Find your friend

This is an enjoyable outdoor activity where a kid will be blindfolded and made to roam around and tag friends.

The tagged friend will join the blindfolded one and link arms to find other friends. You must supervise the kids during this game, as they may fall or topple and get hurt. 


Hopscotch is a game that is all about jumping and hopping. You can use colored chalks to make hopscotch boards on concrete.

You can use any hard surface in the absence of concrete. You can decorate the hopscotch board to make it more attractive. 


The above-stated 15 fun outdoor activities are exciting to try out.

However, it is essential that you supervise the kids and do not allow them to play and roam around on their own to avoid getting hurt.

The safety of the kids should be prioritized at all times. 

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