The Lekki conservation Centre was established in 1990 by the Nigerian conservation foundation . Its aim was to preserve it as a natural habitat for plants and animals as urbanization has led to encroachment of most of their (the plants and animals) habitats. It covers approximately 78 hectares of land consisting of swamp and savannah habitats along the Lekki – Epe axis . The Lekki conservation Centre is about 15 minutes drive from Victoria island with the closest bus stop being chevron estate if you are commuting by public transport.


Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos ,tortoise


The 2km wooden trail , 401km canopy walk (the largest in Africa ) , 21 metres high tree house, human sized board games (Ludo ,Chess,Draught)  fish pond amongst others facilities set the place apart and has made the centre a place of tourist interest and fun activities.


I had the opportunity to visit recently with my family and it was such an exciting experience for us all.

Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos ,2km board trail

The Lekki Conservation Centre provides beauty of nature and serenity and as first timers we had the opportunity of seeing a rare collection of pictures of endangered species of animals and plants neatly arranged in glass stands.

Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos


If you are big on adventure then you are in for plenty fun.


  •  PLANNED PICNIC / FAMILY DAY OUT – From watching the animals , the trail boardwalk which is about 2 kilometres , to the canopy walk (for people from the age of 14 – 65years) to climbing the tree house and plenty running around , games in the family park and chilling in the family huts or the 96 seater gazebos , no family day out or picnic will turn out boring. (Just bring your own packed food).



Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos

Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos

Lekki conservation centre ,canopy walk,family day out ,where to visit in lagos


  • PERSONAL TIME OUT : If you are like me who loves to take time out because of my unavoidable busy life , then this place is perfect for you to spend quality time with your self reflecting ,refreshing and re-strategizing.

Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos


  • THEMED PHOTOGRAPHY : The trees, board games and other facilities make for a good backdrop and elements in themed photo shoots e.g fashion editorials , pre-wedding photography , themed blog photography and lifestyle shoots. I saw several people shooting their pre-wedding pictures on the day we visited.

Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos

  • CREATIVE BRAINSTORMING : With all the noise in Lagos , sometimes one require a quiet and serene place to be creatively gingered. I am one of those people and this place is perfect for this purpose.


  •  HUMAN SIZED BOARD GAMES : The size of the board games was so captivating and we had an awesome time playing against another family which I found really relaxing and exciting at the same time..


Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos ,chess board games

  • WORK PLACE RETREAT : Because of the super relaxing and stimulating ambience of the centre and all of the adventure and sporting facilities it offers , e.g beach volley ball courts , monkey bars etc. makes it a suitable place for team bonding and team refreshing time-out .

Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos


Overall we enjoyed our time there . The area was well maintained and clean, ambience was so relaxing , stimulating and serene.

Pricing was reasonable .


Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos

Gate fee for children between ages 1-10 years is 200 Naira only.

Adult pays 1000 Naira only

Canopy walk costs an additional 1000 Naira.

Other specific pricing information can be found on their website here

The highlight for me was the Canopy walk (for an extra 1000 Naira, which was totally worth it) and when a monkey snatched my son’s popcorn (captured in my video here).


BEST TIMES TO VISIT : The Lekki conservation Centre opens from 8.30am to 5.00pm daily all through the year . Its best you go early before it gets so hot . That way you can see a lot more animals and enjoy the coolness of the place more.

WHAT TO WEAR : The place can be super hot and considering all the walking , climbing and running around ; T-shirts , shorts and sneakers or shift dresses , tights/leggings and running shoes are your best options .


  • Proper Food Court / Eating area should be provided
  • More exit route from the family park should be provided . There’s literally one way in and out , the further you walk in is the same distance back out .
  • More active tour guides should be assigned to visitor groups .  After the first one introduced the park and we started the trail , she was nowhere to be found).
  • Better signage and directions around the place . We got lost trying to find our way to the family park after the canopy walk , which was quite annoying.

I will definitely be visiting soon . This time by myself so i can spend some great time alone and  shoot some more vlogs out there.


Lekki conservation center ,family day out ,where to visit in lagos,monkey eating so yummy popcorn


I sincerely hope you find this post helpful in deciding about visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre .Don’t forget to watch my hilarious vlog here


Are you planning to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre as a group of adults ? You totally should read this detailed post by Uche of lagosigboboy  here


Have you been to the Lekki Conservation Centre ? What are your thoughts and experience ? Please share with me below



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  1. Lovely family and well detailed post especially about the tour guides. Same thing happened the last I went there.
    LCC is really a lovel place for all kind of people. It’s not everytime someone will be going to where there is loud music in Lagos.

    1. thanks busayo!i agree not every time loud music which is why i totally enjoyed our visit to the LCC.Thank you for stopping by

  2. I love how you detailed everything one needs to know as a first timer. And it sounds like so much fun, I’m going to try and visit when next I’m in Lagos.

    About that monkey, we should keep it away from Nigeria banks ?

    1. debs i know right!that monkey has potentials! Thanks for stopping by and you definitely should visit once you are in town.

  3. I really find this post very informative. You have such a beautiful family. And yes to the tour guide suggestion , this place is supposed to be like a live animal museum so a tour guide is supposed to guide, inform, excite and improve one’s experience here. God knows I’ll freak out if I’m ever left unattended to in this kind of place.

  4. Nice… I love your recommendations. Those were the exact things I complained about as monkeys kept trying to drag our snack from us

  5. weldone Toyosi. went there once with friends but got there a bit we just did the canopy walk which was terrifying. couldn’t even stand to take a shot. would love to visit it some other time. nice one dear

    1. aww dubem!i can imagine i was kinda terrified towards the end of the canopy walk too because the young lads that were on it with us started freaking out and shaking the should go back soon..

  6. Thank you for sharing. Very well captured. I have been to this place a couple of time and loved it everytime. As with other things in Nigeria – It would go a long way if they would properly maintain some of the amenities e.g. the fish ponds.

    Another nice thing to do is have a picnic there.. did that and was very enjoyable including the part where we had to guard the monkeys from stealing our

    1. Thanks for stopping by biola!!!like I absolutely love the place and not sure I’ll get tired of it anytime soon

  7. I remember visiting as a teenager, more than 2 decades ago, the wonderful experience still very fresh in my memory. Am really happy you shared this cuz now I have an opportunity to take my own family there and relive that experience. Thank you very much dear. Keep up the good work

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