Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog! To say I am excited about finally starting this blog is to say the least, because I have been everything from afraid, to anxious, to worried and even doubtful of my abilities and scared I wont be interested anymore at some point or become uninspired to write or share.

But finally here we are and I am happy I finally decided to do this against all odds and look forward to the fulfilment and opportunities that may come my way on this journey of blogging..


I will be blogging about FASHION ,FAMILY ,FITNESS , FAITH, FOOD ,EVENTS and other things I find incidentally on this journey..

I invite you to come with me on this journey and lets have fun together..xx



12 thoughts on “YAY!!!MY FIRST POST”

  1. Congratulations Toyosi, am glad am not the only one who has decided to do this. Don’t worry, I will be on your case if you ever slow down. You go girl!

  2. I’m proud of you girl, you’ve always exhibited great skills right from way back..I’m glad you living your dreams . Welldone my longtime friend.. Much love!!

  3. Silverline Asani

    Sis,did I hear you say you didn’t think you could do this?Comon!Seriously.Babe,you were made for this.Keep rocking!Well done!

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