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So since i mentioned ill start doing a monthly life update post to carry you all along on my life journey , struggles , and progress , i finally get to it . Yay to keeping promises on here (even if I should have started writing this since 3months ago ) .

These life update posts are my way of counting my blessings , appreciating every growth and progress measured no matter how small . Because one can get caught up with life struggles that they forget how far they’ve come and how much progress they’ve  made.


Recent style post :

So here’s my first ever life update post.


life update - styling multicoloured off shoulder dress with flare sleeves

LOVING : My new energy and determination to take my outfit pictures myself with a tripod or however way possible because this affects my consistency a lot. I am also loving this new pair of marcoDevincenzo ruffled mule in sky blue which was a gift from my friend , considering that I’ve literally been haunted by this shoe but i just wasn’t ready to buy another mule with my money even though i really liked it.


MarcoDeVincenzo Ruffled mule MarcoDeVincenzo Ruffled mule

WEARING :A black turtle neck tee , black slack pants and black blazer..


ADMIRING : How my son Asher (2years) sincerely and genuinely says sorry to his older brother Adam whenever adam has an accident round the house is just generally crying and unhappy..It reminds me of how truly , sorry makes a lot of difference ..The two of them are a delight to watch …..


WISHING : I had an assistant who understands where I’m going with by creative brand and in turn help me with execution of ideas and instructions . I also wish i learnt a lot of other skills earlier enough , especially the ones that are now pre-requisite to my growth / life path.

Life update- styling multicoloured off shoulder dress with flare sleeves


DETERMINED TO : Be the best version of myself always , and to better my video editing skills so i can finally birth my youtube channel.*whoop

CRAVING : Cold stone ice cream

EXCITED TO : Be shooting my videos and about all the collaborations i have lined up for August .

ANTICIPATING : To see Demi who just moved back to Nigeria and is in lagos as I’m writing this post and

HAPPY ABOUT : The fact that this post finally made it to the blog , and all of the little feat and victories in the past week.

neon giuseppe canotti strap sandal and neon purse

APPRECIATING : The peace i have which comes mainly from being in my own place and really looking inward and appreciating my growth no matter how small. I am also appreciating a few friends who criticise constructively and offer useful suggestions and solutions , they are the real MVPs

IRRITATED BY : People who are insensitive about other peoples feelings and care only about themselves. Also irritated about a lot of lazy young people with over bloated ego and entitlement mentality which ends up destroying them.

INSPIRED BY : People who never give up despite obstacles and challenges!!!

PLANNING TO : Take a vacation this month.. I totally need to refresh

REGRETTING : Not attending a women weekend retreat & refresh weekend which took place about a month ago and would have been a good time for me to really network , refresh , reset and renew!!!!

styling multicoloured off shoulder dress with flare sleeves

UNSURE ABOUT : Whether to really take public speaking seriously even though I’ve gotten really good feedbacks from a few speaking gigs I’ve had in recent times….

READING : I am in the middle of two books right now , one of them i read a long time ago FIRST THINGS FIRST by Stephen Covey  so its basically a re-visit and the other one is SMART MONEY WOMAN by Arese Ugwu



styling multicoloured off shoulder dress with flare sleeves

So, how about you? What are you up to today /this month ? Feel free to do your own “life lately” post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out.

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What I’m Wearing

Dress : Desire1709  HERE

Purse : Old
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti strap sandal

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16 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE || LIFE UPDATE -AUGUST 2017”

  1. I enjoyed this post very much! Now I know that you are a mother, which I am as well, who’s really into her kids. We have many things in common. For example I like humble self-made people, while I can’t bear supponente know-it-all’s. On the other hand I’m not a fan of mules, but these ruffled mules in soft blue are simply delightful. Your outfit of the day is a blast! Love, Valeria

  2. Wow !!! Thank you so much for sharing! You have seriously inspired me!! I think I might try using a tripod as well because I hate to depend on others when I want to shoot and I totally can relate to all of what you wrote ! Totally obsessed with those ruffled mules !!

  3. Oh my gosh mama, I’ve been thinking of ways to write a post like this and totally had no idea on how to go about it! you just lead the way, as usual. Also the smart money woman really is a good book

  4. This is awesome! I love hearing more about the life behind the blog. And your outfit is so nice! I hope things continue to get better for you.

    1. Thanks Candace !i had no choice ,considering that It was affecting my consistency !!!I plan to rock more neon colors too,glad you love the look

  5. A truly inspiring post that gave me great ideas on how to evolve my blogging and get people to know me a bit better, just like we got to know you through this post. Taking your own pictures is truly time consuming, but then again, they are perfect as you’re the one taking them and know your own poses and angles the best, right? I will probably steal this idea from you 🙂
    Thomas xx

    1. glad you are inspired thomas…i totally agree taking ones picture can be time consuming but i think its better than waiting to no end to get someone to photograph you that you then end up doing nothing! i look forward to reading your our life update and get to know me posts,so i can connect a lot better!Thanks for stopping by…x

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