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We all know work style can be somewhat rigid and boring if we don’t spruce things up once in a while and do the unexpected .

Today I’m sharing with you a little work style inspiration featuring my favorite shirt at the moment made by Nigerian Contemporary designer HENRI UDUKU.

Not everyday suit or dress , some days just wear shirt and pant and use a belt to smarten it up (especially if your job allows it) . But the major key is to remember to keep things simple , effortless and choose colours carefully. Except your job permits it, there should be no “garish” colors.

Yes to functional and versatile pieces like this Henri Uduku shirt which can be worn from day to-night to weekend and a lot more depending on how you choose to style it!!! I love a piece with endless styling possibilities and this shirt hit that note perfectly . Henri Uduku pieces are made with versatility and wearability in mind . Majority of the pieces are human specific not just gender specific , so a piece can be worn by either male or female depending on how it is styled.

He recently did a DIY project where he deconstructed most of his shirts and did a mis-mash of the prints (can’t wait to get my hands on one of those and show y’all )

I paired my shirt with black pants , black shoes and the most colorful scarf I own for that pop of color and a feminine touch and viola.


This look will be appropriate for work , business meetings/conference or even a planned date with boss ladies alike….

Have a productive week everyone ….Enjoy



Does your job allow you some liberty as to what to wear  ? What are your alternatives to proper rigid

work clothes.

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Outfit Details..

Shirt : HenriUduku

Pant : Desire1709

Shoe : Valentino Rockstud

 Belt : Moschino

  Bag : Valentina

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