Happy Monday Lovelies,

Mondays are always so quick to snatch us out of our weekend groove. The reality of Monday is always shocking and can really be depressing in many ways.

It could be getting back to all that work, having to face the big bully boss, annoying colleagues or just the thought of leaving the comfort of your bed and a lot of other black and white stuff.

I really used to hate Mondays until I learnt to face mine in colours. How ?

Here are a few tips….

Be Positive.

Take one look at the universe, the sun, stars and even the skies. There’s beauty and power in it. Everyday brings an amazing promise and somehow I’m confident that today is going to be a wonderful day. So rather than preparing for doom, smile, there’s going to be a boom.

Be Happy.

Make a conscious effort to be nice, a very cheerful good morning and hearty hugs can leave the haters a little bit confused and most importantly being nicer to everyone shows how confident you are in your own self.

Don’t Overwork.

On Mondays we tend to do too much at once from trying to catch up on work we missed over the weekend to the new tasks and deliverables  dumped on us by the boss .

Take one deep breath, then proceed to pick out the most important stuff. This way you’ll avoid the super stressed feeling that is common every Monday.

Find a hack that gets you through the Long Hours.

Create a little hobby to look forward to at the end of Mondays work. It could be an hour with a friend or a glass of your favourite wine or rushing home to prepare your favourite meal. The key is in just doing one special thing for yourself every Monday that’s worth looking forward to.

Dress Up.

And more importantly, how you look also does a lot to give you that boost of confidence inwardly and outwardly. Of course we know  beautiful and new clothes makes us feel a certain type of confidence but since we can’t always have new clothes every monday, when planning your  outfit, make sure you include a piece of your favourite style item ,that item for me is “Killer Shoes” ….

Finding a way to wear your favourite style piece can really do so much to set the Monday mood (cos girl , who wouldn’t be excited carrying a Hermes birkin bag? )

Hope you find this post helpful?


How do you get through Monday blues?ill love to know in the comment section below ….

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