10 Places You Can Make New Friends As A Parent

While being a parent can be wonderful, it is also all too easy to get caught up in your child(ren)’s lives and forget about yourself. 

In between school runs, work, house chores and remaining a loving spouse to your partner, life can get pretty tough and one day, you wake up to discover your social life has become non -existent. 

This article suggests places you can go as a parent to relax, meet like minded people, make new friends, discuss topics not limited to your kids’ welfare and still remain an amazing, present parent. 

10 Places You Can Make New Friends As A Parent 

Places of worship

Places of worship are a great place to meet good people who share your faith and/or other interests. Some of these places of worship organize brunches, outings, picnics and get-togethers that enable members know each other better, develop new friendships and cement old ones. 

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Meetings

PTA Meetings are a great way to be involved in the life of your child or children as well as meet the parents of other children. At PTA Meetings, you can meet other parents with similar pain points in regards to raising a child, and get solutions. It is also a great place to express your opinions, be heard and be supported by like -minded people. 

Volunteer groups

Joining volunteer groups in the community such as shelters, local school events, Red cross, food banks, community clean-ups etc is a good place to meet new people while making a difference in the society. 

Social gatherings

Social gatherings such as concerts, fundraisers, rallies, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties etc is another good place to meet and connect with other people. 

Book Clubs

If you’re a book lover then becoming a member of a book club is an obvious choice. This could be physical or online, either way, book clubs are ideal for meeting new people who share your love for books. If you’re unable to find the right book club which share similar interests in books and socializing, you could start yours and invite others to join in. The thing with book clubs is that, there’s always something to talk about. 

Meetup groups

There are several groups which exist to organize and execute parenting -related activities. Joining these groups either physically or online are a great way to make new friends and relax outside of the home. These meet up groups could also go on outings to music performances, dance festivals, and art exhibits which makes it easy for parents to relax and rejuvenate on life. 

Sports teams

This is especially great if your child is part of a sports group in school. It could be football, table tennis, volleyball, basketball etc. A great way to make new friends is by volunteering to be a coach or simply by joining the parent fan club. 

Social Media

While this is not a physical place to meet new people, it usually is the beginning of the end in some cases which is physical meetings and life-long friendships. Joining social media pages and groups geared towards your interests help with connectivity and creating new friendships especially with those who happen to be in the same locality as you are. 

Parenting seminars and workshops

There are several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and religious organizations such as mosques and churches which offer parenting seminars and workshops that can help you become a better parent to your children. These events are a great place to meet other parents who are facing the same challenges or have overcome the ones you face. You can also share parenting experiences and learn valuable skills at these events. 

Professional networking Events

As a parent, attending professional networking events and conferences related to your profession or interests is a wonderful way to expand your network and networth as well as form strong alliances and friendships. 


Parenting is a privilege and more than that, it’s a blessing. However, in order to be the best parent to your children, it is important to have healthy relationships with other people beyond the confines of your home. This makes you happier, and provides you with a support system to tackle any challenge parenting might throw your way. Finally, if you’ve been putting yourself out there and still haven’t made any friends yet, don’t be discouraged, you will eventually. Just remember to be yourself and remain open -minded. 


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