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How was your week? Lagos has been wet all week and it seems like everything just slowed down because of the traffic everywhere.


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If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I love to give myself a little treat after a hard week (something to take the stress off.) So last Wednesday, my friends and I had a midweek lunch date at a contemporary African restaurant that serves African dishes with a twist.

Nok by Alara! This foodie paradise is located at No 12, Akin Olugbade street Victoria Island, Lagos. We actually made a reservation for lunch but the mainland to island traffic was hell!!! We ended up getting there during lunch rush hour and we had to wait until six pm for dinner.

The Nok by Alara building is a gigantic orange structure, that’s sits in the middle of lush garden with scrap metal and bamboo chairs. While the interior is very intimate and full of contemporary art pieces. The surroundings is very astonishing. Some of the chairs are even carved out of wood. It was just like being in a fancy museum. Not by Alara review by Toyosi Gregory Jonah

Not by Alara review by Toyosi Gregory Jonah

Exterior of Nok by Alara review by Toyosi Gregory Jonah

Dinning set made from wood

Woven chairs made out of straw material

As we were waiting for dinner, I took a stroll around, to window shop at the luxury goods store beside the restaurant. Mehn! The prices of stuffs there is actually story for another day, (by the way, Nok by Alara is owned by the Folawiyo’s, so you can imagine…)

After my waka-waka, it was finally dinner time, the dining hall was furnished with bamboo chairs and the walls had a lot of art pieces to give the place a totally luxurious African fine dining feel. You can’t help but say wow!

When dinner started, a waiter was assigned to our table, a very friendly and polite young man, his name is Emmanuel, he gave us the menu and we had to pick from a really wide variety. There was practically every sort of African food you know, although the usual name had been changed.

The Food


It was almost confusing deciding what to eat, but we finally picked Sautéed snails & Jerk chicken wings for starters.

Then for the main course we had Ghana rice(waakye) with Chicken piri piri, Jollof rice with Tamarind glazed chicken wings and Jasmine rice with Chicken piri piri,

Sautéed chicken wings at Nok by Alara

and to round it up we had water!!!

My Opinion

The portions were a little too small, however I guess that’s what you get with fine dining. Being a Fitfam, i normally would eat small portions so I didnt bother much about the size of the food. The rest of my crew did not “belle full”. So if you’re used to eating large portions, you may like to grab a coke and gala to fill belle before coming.

The waakye was a bit too dry, not like the ones those food vendors hawk, but generally I think the chef did a good job with twisting the regular African dish.

The interior has a very cosy feel and looks like a perfect place to host a birthday dinner or even pop the question.

The bill was a whooping 27,000 naira for 4 people. which I think it covers the food and ‘ARTmosphere’. It’s not quite expensive since it was a fine dining experience. Although, I had a problem with the price of the water. 1500 naira for that pitcher of water there. (The thing pain me sha o, but as i don chop i had to drink water.)

However in general, I had a swell time and suggest you should give it a try. I definitely would be going back.

Lady dressed for lunch wearing blush blue double flare top and jeans

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7 thoughts on “RESTAURANT REVIEW || NOK by ALARA”

  1. N1,500 fo water, wowzzz!!!
    It really does look beautiful.
    #27,000 for four people is actually not bad thats relatively #7k per head for the #ARTmosphere like you said. lol.
    love it.

  2. Lol! . The bill reminds me of Chez Victor in Abuja (You should go there as well if you ever get the chance too) but the food is always delicious! Plus I guess you’re paying for the service and ambiance of the place (like you mentioned)… I might just visit if I ever stop by lagos but I will be smuggling in my own water! haha

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