We all know that motherhood isn’t a bed of rose, but the right self care tips for you as a busy mum would make things better. Mothers are one of the busiest and underrated species on planet earth, and the question of how to effectively and consistently love and care for yourself as a busy mom remains unanswered.

Mothers spend most of their time caring for their children, home, and family, thereby  neglecting themselves half the time, if not every time.

They feel the need to show love to people around them except themselves. Not like they don’t know they deserve love too, they just forget how to show love to themselves and get caught up in the need to take care of others. It is absolutely great to be able to look after your loved ones, but girl, you have to take care of YOU!

This naturally becomes the norm, because a woman is celebrated for being ‘caring and loving’ as a mother or wife, but no one truly checks on her well-being. Subconsciously, you are even expected to do all the work and not take a break, because when you do, it feels like you’ll be stripped off the ‘True and Great Mother’ title.

Self care for anyone, especially mothers is a necessity, and not a choice, because just like any other person working hard, they deserve a break from time to time and an overdose of tender loving care.


Why all these much talk about self-care?

Here are 3 valid arguments:

● You cannot give what you don’t have: Keep this close to your heart always – the key to loving your children, husband or anyone is loving yourself first because your family positively feeds off your strength and love
● For preserving balanced mental health: This right here is highly underrated. To be a balanced woman, wife, and mother, you have to be sane.
● Taking care of yourself helps you take care of others better.

Now that we have established the importance of loving and taking care of yourself as a woman, wife, and mother, let’s move on to some ways you can achieve this:

  1. Stop with the self-blame: Life can be hard and unexpected things can happen at any time, don’t blame yourself for other people’s mistakes. Take responsibility when you should, but accept you aren’t a superhuman literally, forgive yourself for your mistakes and move on.

  2. Say No: Mothers are used to saying yes to a lot of things all the time, from play-dates to birthday parties to special food requests, and they are expected to make these things happen at all cost. Don’t be pressured into saying YES to everything and anything just to please your family. Remember you’re just as human as any other person. Saying NO from time to time, especially to the things you cannot do helps reduce your stress levels.

  3. Share your burdens: Motherhood is a lot, in fact, heavier than a bag of rice or truck if you ask me. Learn to share your burdens with paid help or a family member like your husband. Speak to trusted friends, family members, God (if you’re spiritual), Counselor or Therapist if you feel really overwhelmed sometimes. Always seek help when you are in dire need of it. Don’t take on more than you can handle.

  4. Create a schedule that works: Schedules help you a lot, especially when dealing with kids. Schedules help put things into perspective and a more organized pattern. It enhances your productivity and reduces stress.

  5. Have your ME time: Create some ME time for yourself, a time where you can take a breath and recuperate.

  6. Healthy lifestyle: Taking care of your body is as important as caring for your mind. Embrace the thought of exercising – sign up to a gym session, Yoga session, dance classes, swimming classes, book club, discussion group, to free your body and mind. Take yourself out to your favorite restaurant, go see a movie alone, do you, fix your hair, get a massage and just treat yourself to a good time regularly. You deserve it!

  7. Have an internet break: The internet also has a way of putting pressure on you, and sucking the life out of you slowly. Take some time away from the internet and do what you enjoy doing.

8. Take a vacation: Doing this at least once a year is important. A change of scenery will do a lot for your mental health. Maybe you should start saving for that vacation you desire and deserve.

You are first a woman with a life before you became a wife, and then a mother, which is absolutely great, but take care of YOU, and apply these tips to help you have a balanced life. Remember you deserve the love you freely give to everyone around you. Do not be afraid to take that much deserved time. Your health is your wealth.


I hope you found this post helpful and genuinely want to know your thoughts in the comment section.

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