Hello Everyone , Welcome back to my blog… So i have kinda been MIA on here because life happened and i have been super busy…Plus I’m just trying to get a hang of the whole blogging thing so as to be more consistent and put out good content…

P.S : If you are a blogger in lagos, and you don’t mind holding my hand to walk me through some of the blogging issues i have or you know someone who can help , please reach out , ill appreciate it..

Anyway i feel like i have finally earned my bragging rights as regards “Thrifting In Lagos” so i thought to share with you guys.

Last week i was looking for vintage props for a themed shoot i am working on , so i ended up at Yaba Market as Iponri Market had little or none to offer at a reasonable price.

Just as we were about to leave the market i saw this printed jacket hanging across, i knew i had to have it …. Starting Price was N500 we finally agreed for N300 and i think its a no-brainer because the styling possibilities are endless.

So today being Monday i decided to tone it down with my salmon pant and black ¬†platform sandals to finish off that retro vibe and i think i nailed it…*if i say so myself*

Here are the pictures…Enjoy





vintage print jacket
i promise i wasn’t angry
vintage printed jacket and big hair
what am i looking for on the floor
Vintage Print Jacket and big hair
Had no idea i had lost this much weight…
vintage printed jacket and big hair
Big hair Problems
vintage print jacket and big hair
Printastic Monday

Vintage Print Jacket and big hair


What are your thoughts about this look? Hope i bargained the jacket price well…Let me know in the comment section below…

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  1. U absolutely nailed it, who would have tot d style would have been dis nice on u, and den d prints and colours! Gbam nice combo???? waoohh u nailed it, coz???

  2. Looks amazing. Plus that jacket at 300 (jeez). You are my style inspiration any day. Keep doing what you do ma, it’s pushing people (me) in the right direction. God bless you.

  3. I know some people will still say you could have got it for N200 ? Lol but it’s definitely worth every penny! I’m still wondering how N500 was the starting price.

    Love the look ?

    1. Thanks Demi…i was stunned too at the starting price,infact I almost didn’t want to price again,but the lad I went to the market with just gave me that “so you won’t price it look” and I quickly adjusted…

  4. You look amazing girl…. Always slaying.Wow I couldn’t have guessed right that this gorge cost you N300. You need to hook me up o. Super stylish ????????

  5. Love the look. That one jacket that matches everything in your wardrobe!The styling possibilities of this jacket is indeed endless.

    1. Thanks so much Lotanna,I was in stunned too at the price !God bless your kind heart for offering a shoulder I truly appreciate…??

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