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Happy new year to you and yours! Trust you had a smooth sail into 2020. Well, I did. 2019 for me and many others was full of ups and downs, but here I am rising above all limitations, saying never to never and coming through.

I left 2019 filled with gratitude for the things I was able to accomplish, and the ones I was not able to do due to a number of things, the skills and knowledge I acquired, the life lessons I learnt,the people I met, family, friends and you! Thank you for an ah-mazing year!
One of my new year resolutions is determination to make things work, break the shackles of fear and smallness, and bag more wins amidst all other beautiful goals that I have.
I’m going to do all I can to ensure that my 2020 goals are in place. Setting goals feels so much like a map that gives direction and helps one to navigate, which actually makes things a lot easier.

You should try it out as well- set goals, work towards it, and do all you can to make it work. The time starts now!
This year, I won’t let anything stop me from winning, and I will stretch my mind for bigger and greater life changing experiences.

One of my goals is to create 52 YouTube videos this year, and I can not wait to see that happen, and have you enjoy every bit of it.

Watch this space more often and expect so much from me- Fun, education, entertainment, lifestyle experiences and more this year.
Let’s take a ride through this journey together and make things happen.
I wish you all the best in 2020.

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