What does Motherhood mean to you? 


We all know mothers are those who give birth to a child. However, does having a child really make you a mother? 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful and wonderful mothers around the world. 

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In celebrating mothers around the world this year, I asked mothers the question “what does Motherhood mean to you?” I got a variety of answers and sharing some of these answers below: 


What does Motherhood really mean?

According to Bunmi Sadare one of the mothers that answered said for her, 

Motherhood is the most powerful life changing experience I have ever encountered. It is certainly not the ability to birth children but to me, it’s the ability to stay in their lives forsaking all others and being a role model to the kids

Motherhood is when your emotions take a backseat so you can focus on the needs of the children 

Motherhood has taught me to share the tiniest things…food, bed, my sleep and time, my emotions everything you can ever think of sharing.

Motherhood has taught me true and pure LOVE.

Kids have the purest hearts…they love me no matter how I’m feeling…their tiny hands warms better than the thickest blankets


Another wonderful Mum Funmi Ayowole said

 Motherhood is sacrifice to me…giving so much of yourself even when the baby/child/teenager doesn’t want it, but needs it.

Motherhood is the highs and the lows, it is the cuteness and the stubborn streaks.

The hugs and the discipline.

Motherhood is partnership a with God.


Another mum I spoke with Funmi Kajopaiye said

Seeing a part of me live outside my body.

Motherhood is the little sacrifices I make to put a smile on my sons face.

It is knowing the lyrics to every nursery rhyme because his face lights up when we sing together.

Motherhood is unlocking new levels of patience I never knew existed.

It is hiding to eat snacks I don’t want to share.

Motherhood is pretending to use the toilet so I get some quiet time and making a big deal about each new word/milestone but most importantly,

Motherhood is putting my baby’s need above mine and that’s perfect.


From the above responses shared we all can see the beauty that is Motherhood. 

For me, just like one of our correspondents said, motherhood go way beyond having the ability to give birth to a child. 

It is more about staying powerfully in your children’s lives, despite everything pulling you in different directions .

Motherhood to me is making small or big sacrifices for my children to ensure they are happy and have the best (even when it’s not so convenient for me).

It is explaining and answering every ‘WHY’ question just to ensure they understand why I am taking a certain action so its easier for them to cooperate.

Motherhood is consciously remaining calm even when they are pulling my last nerve. 

Motherhood is the willingness to share everything even when it doesn’t seem enough. 

Motherhood is hearing that tiny voice call mummy and you jump even in your deepest sleep…

Motherhood is a gift from God because having the ability to have and nurture humans from childhood to adulthood and ensuring they become a productive part of their societies.

It is the sleepless nights and the happiest moments.

It is the tears and the laughter.

Motherhood is peace and caution wrapped into a bundle of cuteness called a child. 


Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there! 

We are appreciative of all you amazing mothers do and all the sacrifices you make.

You’re amazing.

In one word describe what motherhood is to you?


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