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Monochrome outfits are dresses that mix the same shade and tones of a colour family. Monochromatic colours are often disregarded by most people because of the mindset that making a statement requires an outfit that is bright and bold. But when styled right, monochrome outfits can be the chicest and easiest outfit you’ll ever wear.

How to Make a Statement with a Monochrome Outfit

make statement with monochromeOne of the easiest ways to make a statement with your look is with a monochrome outfit. Once you collect enough monochrome pieces, you can mix things up and come up with so many different combinations! However, simplicity is key when mixing and matching different pieces, material, and patterns.

Here are the best ways you can make a statement with your outfit;

  1. Add lace

add lace to your monochrome outfit

Pairing your monochrome outfit with a lace top will not only create visual interest but provide depth and dimension. Adding lace would give you the ultimate chic look. Also, laces are the best for the workplace. It makes you look neat, well-put, and professional.

  1. Layering

layeringYou should layer your outfit whenever you want to elongate your silhouette from head to toe. Layering over a slip dress is so elegant and classy and can easily be paired with sneakers for a more casual look.

  1. Mix Textures and patterns

mix textures and patterns

If you think your outfit is looking dull, you can jazz it up by mixing some textures and patterns in the same shades. You can experiment with stripes, polka dots, prints, anything. Also, mixing textures such as knitted dresses is another great way to add visual interest and give depth to your monochrome outfit. Patterns and textures are the best way to style your outfit and make a statement through it.

  1. Wear Sunglasses

Accessories such as sunglasses are one of the key elements in making a statement through your monochrome outfit. You might not be able to wear your sunglasses everywhere, but when you do, make sure you wear them with style. Besides the fact that they are an excellent addition to any outfit, sunglasses are useful and it’s always good to carry them around in your bag as you never know when you might need them.

  1. Go Neutral

Neutrals comprise of whites, blacks, and greys. When you want to opt for neutrals to create a statement with your monochrome outfit, different shades of it are the way to go. Neutrals would give you a perfectly stylish and glamorous look and is perfect for people who are not fond of prints and colour mixing.

  1. The Power of Red

power of red

Nothing turns heads more than a red outfit. Apart from the fact that a woman who wears red is considered more attractive, it also gives out the aura of dominance. A red monochromatic look is the best way to not only make a statement but also grab everyone’s attention.

I hope you have realized how easy it is to make a statement through your monochrome look. If you love these tips, be sure to check out my post covering how to upgrade your look.


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