September has literally breezed by and the year is almost coming to a close. If you’ve been following my blog you know this post comes early in the month but i decided to hold on to this one till now because September is a big time in my family with my son and husband’s birthday just a week apart.Whoop

Adam turned 6 on the 17th (how time flies ?) , and we had so much fun ?. Le hubs birthday is today the 24th September and Its been another beautiful day . Happy birthday Gregory , love you loads??. So you see it’s been from one celebration to another for us!!! Anyways let’s dive into today’s post shall we?





LOVING : All things floral, tropical and super comfortable ,because I can’t even be bothered to get dressed these days!!



WEARING : A white shirt and denim culottes finished off with my marcodevincenzo mule from this post here


ADMIRING: Blogger and Youtuber Yemisi aka @sisiyemmie of



LOVING : The all new website that is about to relaunch…Talk about dream come true and constant improvements – Yay to newness!!!

Also loving my new MarcodeVincenzo mule from this post here which I’ve literally worn everyday because its super comfortable and oh so cute..

WISHING: I had some super powers to turn back the hands of time..This weekend was way to fast for me!!?

DETERMINED TO : Loose all the extra fat i packed on during my bulking phase

CRAVING : Nothing really!! my appetite and diet has kinda been in the gutters for a bit now though.


EXCITED TO : Relaunch my business website in the coming week..

ANTICIPATING : Lagos Fashion and Design week 2017.

HAPPY ABOUT : Clarity and goals re-definition session I had recently , which is something i try to do every quarter because the economy and other factors are so dynamic these days one can’t afford to be rigid else business growth will be almost impossible.

APPRECIATING : My son Adam for being such a great support for my ministry i.e blogging (he’s been taking majority of my pictures lately)

IRRITATED BY : Artisans who just wanna take advantage of entrepreneurs – like dude I am already gonna pay you for your services , so why inflate the price of materials again!!!

INSPIRED BY : All the amazing women around me especially Asian Nkutt . Girl , i draw from and respect your strength on a different level.


PLANNING TO : Be the best and take on the new week with every spirit of positivity.

REGRETTING : Some of the business marketing decisions i made in the last months .But then , i learnt a huge lesson from each mistake and definitely will not make any of them anymore now that i know better.

UNSURE ABOUT : Whether to just blog about mummy resources , or lifestyle , fashion and beauty as I’ve always done . Please if there are specific posts you will love to see me do, kindly leave a comment below .

READING : My e-book by  cici gunn  about instagram growth , content creation and being a social media thought leader.

LISTENING TO : Fall by Davido


So, how about you? How eventful has September been for you ? Feel free to do your own “life lately” post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out.

Thank you for stopping by.

What I’m Wearing


Skirt  : desire1709fashion
Shoes: YSL opium

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Till next time…..



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