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8 Best Tips to Take Advantage of Black Friday as a Mum

I love black Friday a lot.

It allows me the opportunity to snag great deals and gives women the opportunity to snag great deals from my own fashion brand. It’s always a win for everyone. As a mum, black Friday allows me to shop for my kids without breaking the bank. I do my Christmas shopping during black Friday and get everything for less. So if you plan on getting your friends and family anything for Christmas, you should take advantage of black Friday.

These 8 tips have worked for me over the years. I shared it with someone earlier this month and she found them very helpful. That’s why I decided to share them with you too. I hope they help you take advantage of black Friday and get the best deals.

Here Are 8 Best Tips to Take Advantage of Black Friday as a Mum

#1. Make a Plan and Make a List

To make the most of black Friday, you need to know what you need beforehand. This is where websites help a lot. If you’re looking to save on anything, you could compare prices on websites without visiting the physical location. Don’t try to make a mental note because you might not remember when the time comes.

Note when the discounts are valid for. Some brands offer the best discounts later in the day as opposed to very early in the morning. If a brand has a website, it is 10 times better to shop online than going in store. So make sure you take advantage of online shopping.

This is because the lines are usually very long at physical stores as everyone wants to get a good deal. Know what you want to get everyone, have a budget to avoid surprises.

After making a feasible plan of where you’ll shop and what to shop for, you want to make a list.

#2. Make a comprehensive list and check it twice

Don’t wait until black Friday if you want to get the best things. Have a comprehensive list of everything you’re looking to buy. Like I mentioned earlier, don’t assume you’ll remember when the time comes. Instead, create a list with six columns.

Name of product, location/website, regular price, proposed discount, hours/days it is good for and return policy. You need all these for reference while shopping.

I explain why return policy is important later in this post.

Some Black Friday deals are surprises, so leave a little money aside for miscellaneous expenses and be sure to check out your favorite brands.

As a mum, you can’t afford to impulse buy irrelevant things. Having a list of everything you need for your family along with your budget, keeps you in line. This makes you follow through with only what is really important to you.

I say this because there are a lot of people who have buyers’ remorse after black Friday.

#3. Shop in one place (if you can)    

If you’re going to be doing any of your shopping at a physical location, shopping in one place is a great idea. So you don’t have to move across town with multiple shopping bags from one location to another. Look out for stores that sell a wide variety of products so you can limit your movement during black Friday. It’s faster, easier and less stressful.

#4. While Shopping Online, Don’t Lose Money While Saving

Triple check the delivery costs at all times. Especially before you checkout. A brand might offer a huge discount but charge a ridiculously high delivery fee. So while you feel like you got a great deal, you’d lose all the money paying for delivery.

#5. Make Sure You Can Return an Item

Now here’s that special tip I said I’d share about return policy

Over the years, I’ve realized that some brands bring up better deals on or after mid-day. Others reduce their percentage discount after mid-day. So always get the deal while it lasts and don’t wait for the discount to be more because it might end up being less if the brand decides to reward early buyers.

I love shopping online on black Friday, so I buy the items on my list at the best deal I find. But even after buying a product, I refresh the website every few hours to see if there’s a better deal for the product(s) I ordered.

If there is, I return the item and buy it afresh so that the new discount will be applied and I save even more.

#6. Black Friday may start early

Some brands start black Friday a week before black Friday so you should join their newsletters, so you don’t miss out on all the awesome items on your list.

#7. Be physically prepared

Before black Friday, arrange for someone to watch your kids it is not a good idea to take kids along. On black Friday, make sure you eat and take a bottle of water along. All that excitement might make you want to skip breakfast. If you do, you’ll regret it. Then you should dress the part. This seems obvious but some people don’t know this. Dress in a comfortable outfit and comfortable shoes. You might have to wait in line so high heels or tight shoes is not a good idea.

If you drive and know the store you want to visit will likely be swapped with other buyers, leave your car at home to avoid spending the entire time finding a parking space.

#8. Don’t Forget About You

Your self-development should be part of your black Friday budget. As mums, we get stuck on caring for everyone and are happy if we get a good outfit for ourselves or even a home appliance. But you should plan to buy a course you’ve always wanted to take. Plan to join that membership or play for that website you have always wanted. Even digital entrepreneurs offer black Friday deals.

Final Words

These are just a few ways you can take advantage of black Friday as a mum. If you follow these tips you’ll snag better deals this black Friday and all the coming ones.

Did you find this tips helpful? Share it with your friends and family to help them take advantage of black Friday too.

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