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Hello Lovelies , how has your week been ? I know i haven't done any restaurant reviews in a bit but did you see this one here ? Anyway I'm back to redeem myself with this post...*dancing* Last Sunday I…

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5 habits of successful women

5 Habits of successful women

In good time for mothering sunday , i thought ill share this post to inspire or encourage one or two women out there who may be feeling stuck ,uninspired or just unsure about what it truly means to be a…

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5 ways to achieving work-life balance

Hello everyone! So I know it's been a month since you last read from me. I didn't go AWOL. Life has just been really eventful and so much stuff has happened.   I kept postponing my blog shoots (and by…

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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday… Actually “I” Can

So i was thinking the best way to start off a new week will be with some motivation right? (more…)

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Restaurant Review: Nok by Alara

Hello lovelies, How was your week? Lagos has been wet all week and it seems like everything just slowed down because of the traffic everywhere. (more…)

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Monday In Colours

Happy Monday Lovelies, Mondays are always so quick to snatch us out of our weekend groove. (more…)

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