December in London is cold. About 2 degrees on some days or even worse, and with so much time being spent indoors, one can’t help but reflect a bit on the year. Holidays are like marks on the cycle, something to remind you that another cycle is about to begin. So today sitting behind my computer and typing away I’m tracing back on life , family, business, plans and the future.

For me, 2018 has been that year full of everything. The good, the bad, the ugly and I am grateful to be here today.

Because I’ve been away from here for such a while, I feel the need to reintroduce myself and update you guys about what I’ve been up to and what to expect going forward as regards my content…


So my name is Toyosi Gregory-Jonah I am a wife and mum of two amazing boys (Adam and Asher) who are 7 and 3 respectively currently residing in the West Midlands area of the United Kingdom…( I used to live in Nigeria , don’t worry I’ll explain).

I am an all round Fashion Baddass….Fashion blogger , Fashion influencer, Fashion entrepreneur and Fashion Business Coach.

I run a fast growing womenswear brand called Desire1709 which is based in Lagos, Nigeria but serves and delivers to customers worldwide.

I am a Fitness Addict, and I am very passionate about intentional and wholesome womanhood living .

One of my favorite phrase to use is ”You can’t give what you don’t have ”. Only a happy woman can make a good wife and a good mother.

I used to consistently write about Fashion ,Parenting, fitness, lifestyle and other things of interest until life issues and inconsistency found my address and kidnapped me from here , but thank God I’m back safely, which is why I am clearing cobwebs and reintroducing myself…

Enough about me , before I bore you!!!

So I officially moved back with the kids to join my hubby in England. The move, culture shift , and leaving my business for more than enough time than I’ve ever been away almost broke me initially.

Adam and Asher needed to settle into school, I also needed to re-absorb the London way of living.

Mornings are usually for preparing breakfast , and getting the kids ready for school, keeping the home tidy in between before picking them up and keeping tabs on the business in Lagos.

This year 2018, I’m so grateful for the growth of Desire1709 despite my absence , everything has been working according to plan , in fact my DM on Instagram is filled with accolades of how my team have been amazing to all our customers. This is only possible because I built the structure needed for my business to run without me being physically present.

Even though I haven’t fully achieved all my 2018 goals for this business, I’m happy about how this year has been and totally grateful because, “look how far we’ve come.”

In the midst of all of this relocation chaos , I also finally took the plunge and launched FashionBizAcademy which is an online fashion business advisory/resources hub aimed at teaching aspiring and established fashion entrepreneurs strategies they need to start up and run a sustainable and profitable fashion business… I remember the numerous mistakes I made and countless challenges I faced when I was starting my business so many years ago . Also ,the fact that the industry is quite secretive, no one is sharing how they are getting things done and mistakes that newbies should avoid so all their capital doesn’t go down the drain…

All of this feat just makes it clear that, in the midst of every challenge, there’s a future within . If you’re able to create a solution.

Look closely within and boom! You’ll have it.

And that’s really the first step to creating something unique ,beautiful, original and lasting.

To all my old time readers and subscribers, thank you for sticking around . This is me saying, I am back fully to creating amazing content around things that interest me and my lifestyle, as I’ve always done…but your suggestions are welcome , so I’m sure I am creating content that you all love and care about….

If you are new here, I say welcome to this my little space and I am hopeful that you would stick around and we would be friends and it will be a happily ever after…

Just a little reminder :

I believe there’s another level that you can easily reach in the coming year and it all starts now by looking within and around to create solutions to those problems that constantly bugs you.

So let’s celebrate our wins this year and look out within us for the next big thing.

Everything is possible if you try.

What are your thoughts about this post ? Kindly leave me suggestions about posts you will love me to do , so we are on the same page….

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Till next time…..


  1. Waow….This is intriguing n capturing seeing a multi tasking mum never quitting. You inspire me dear.the key is don’t give up

  2. I love the flow of this post its straight forward and also very engaging , kudos to overcoming the hurdles and challenges in 2018.
    Cheers to more goal crushing in 2019.
    P.S : The boys look so cute in their uniform.

  3. Thank you for sharing !
    I just began to keep up with you on Instagram and Asher is such a favourite <3
    I’d love to read about how you’re dealing with the culture shift and leaving your business back home.
    Thank you !

  4. Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for the past while looking forward to a better future. 2019 will sure bring the work of our hands to fulfilment. XOXO

  5. Thanks for reminding us to be thankful and reminding us on the value of womanhood. Must be tough leaving ur business u birthed and watched grow but I know u got it all covered

    1. thank you for stopping by uduak…I agree it was tough initially but technology has sort of made things a lot easier to deal with and everything is working according to plan.

  6. Such an original and inspiring post. Asher and Tise both caught my eyes first, so cute and adorable in their uniform. You do so much and I’m so proud to have known you.

    I’m more inspired by this post and it’s a reminder that you can achieve so much if you put your mind to it. I truly wish you more groundbreaking moves and I look forward to reading more about how you’d handle the change.

  7. Wow! This so lovely….it was an engaging one from top to bottom and I enjoyed every bit of it! Keep up the good work girl, you have surely added a fan!😍😍

    1. thank you dami….it takes intentional planning for anyone to get anything done and we can get distracted so easily with all th ehappenings in our life.

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