Hello Everyone! This post has been sitting in my draft since Sunday because i have been so busy learning how to take and edit pictures and getting a hang of how some stuffs work on here…#newbieblogger…

Currently i am in the UK with my family (time to chill)…Lagos Wahala too much!! and

I have always wanted to go on crazy adventurous rides the type that people scream their head off in excitement fear as a result of the swings and heavy turns…So dear Hubs suggested we go to Alton Towers with the kids Adam 4years and Asher 9 months since it has such a diverse range of activities for adults and children  even babies ….Yayy

The tower is located in Alton town , the outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent in the Midlands and opens from 10am till 5pm officially but you can be there till longer if you want…

We set out at 10.30am and it took us 1hr 30mins to get there by car from Wolverhampton because the road had serious curves and bends and one had to be extra careful not to run into the woods…

Anyway we got there at a little past 12 noon, picked up our tickets at the entrance and the voyage began…



The weather was good (sunny) when we got there, till the confusion started then it became really cold, then it rained and then hail and then sun again …British weather ?i kent……

We visited the cbeebies land (yes the cbeebies TV land) where Adam and Asher had their best moments even though Asher was asleep most of the time… It was so much fun jumping from one ride to another though there were short queues and waiting time but overall they had fun..






Going round the park,I saw people screaming their throat off ,some crying off of a ride and I told hubs I had to get on that ride (they named it NEMESIS)

We agreed and we both took turns on the NEMESIS ride…OMD….it was by far the most intense , craziest , scariest thing i have ever done in my whole life but, it was so much fun !Hubs couldn’t even talk the first few seconds after he got off it…whoa..will I try it again ?oh yea…Sadly i couldn’t take any picture of nemesis so i don’t risk loosing my camera and or phone…

We got on the Sky Rider which was a Cable Car and it gave us such a nice overview of the place from the sky angle…







Food Time!!!As I haven’t been there before,I packed some food,fruit and snacks from home,(I no fit Shout)but they had a great selection of food options from burgers ,to fries and chicken , salads, steak, ice cream, pastries, popcorn, sweet and savouries just to mention a few….



After food we walked through the haunted park , Adam took me some pictures and we did a little more touring of the place before it was time to go…





It was an absolutely beautiful and refreshing  time for us all ,we totally enjoyed it and look forward to going back there…


Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration too? I would love to know…


Thanks for stopping by..


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