Fitness!!My second favourite word after food…Everyone who knows me ,know that I’m super passionate about fitness.

We’re officially in the last quarter of the year (yippee!!!)  I know a lot of us made resolutions at the beginning of the year , especially concerning certain lifestyle changes that we still find hard to keep up with till today. I’m here to say it’s not too late to start if you start now.

My fitness journey has been an amazing experience. Daily, i get “wows!”, “i love your toned arms” , i also get tonnes of questions concerning how i started the journey ?, what my work out routine is ? and diets that work ?

Like everything in life, motivation is the key to achieving. It hasn’t been a completely easy journey for me, considering the kids, my job and the home but i’ve managed to learn a few tricks and tips i’ll be sharing with you lovelies in a series of fitness posts.

Today we would be starting with:

How to Begin a Fitness Journey


  • Find your Motivation

Before getting started on a fitness journey you must be motivated and  you must find a way to stay motivated. I also know that this motivation should be self inspired and not just from a third party or bait. Because a bait would work for as long as it’s there and after that you find that there’s just no motivation to hit the gym and the weight just creeps slowly back in. The motivation could be that you want to get rid of the post baby weight, or you just want to live healthier (cos really who loves visiting the doctor too often? ) NOT ME.

Unhealthy weight and diet has been discovered to be a major risk factor for various diseases especially in women.

  • Set Smaller Goals

There are lots of ‘miracle transformation pictures that makes you think its easy to go from a size 20 to a size 8 in two weeks and It’s human to want to starve or over work out to loose 40kg in like 2 weeks.


But let’s be realistic, it took you time to gain that weight so patiently and consistently loose it by setting smaller and achievable goals. For example, A goal might be wanting to fit into a new dress or loose 20kg in 3 months. That way, at the end of every week or month, you’ll be able to smile at the little progress (because girl you are a winner).  Fast paced transformations are always unhealthy and unsustainable .When you loose weight in baby steps, the effect is less shocking on your body and it gives it time to adjust and recover.

  • Get With Positive People

The truth right here is, once you start working out a lot of your friends just won’t get it. They can’t understand why you suddenly watch what you eat or excuse yourself just to hit the gym. They will surely try to talk you out or down. Get with people who understand the fit life and are willing to support you. There are a lots of online fitness groups you can join, or create a new one with friend(s), tonnes of fitness motivation instagram pages to follow, or get a gym buddy. Saturdays are fun days for me, because i get to go on a running date with my BFF. insert girl power smiley.

The key is just getting support for those days when you just can’t get yourself to workout because believe me, those days  abound.

  • Be Open Minded

Keeping fit is a lifestyle so be ready to switch your mindset. From exercises that you’ve never tried before to adjusting your palates to new diets and other daily sacrifices you need to make if you really want to see a change. Foods may taste strange with the few tweaks but trust me, its only a while until you start loving it. However, you’ll need to strike a suitable and sustainable balance to get the overall long term benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle which includes but not limited to good skin, hair to an overall well being.

Finally, to celebrate the last quarter and to encourage someone to get on this fit life. I’ll be giving away a Gym bag to one lucky reader. All you have to do to win is listed in the flier below.

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Have a happy day lovelies and may the odds be in your favour….





  1. Hello…. I’ve been procrastinating about hitting the gym for a long time now. Each time I see your post especially your work out pictures I’ll tell myself I’ll start tomorrow. Please is it healthy to be taking green tea+lime+honey? Will it help in anyway? Please help me I really need to loose weight fast… What is it like and what routine should I start with? If you can help me with the kinda food, gym wear, footwear and all other things you think will help my journey,i’ll gladly appreciate it. I just shared this on my Pinterest health and fitness board and on G+. Thanks for this useful post.

  2. And hey I forgot about the giveaway lol…I deserve to win this cos I need a bag pack all my work out stuffs in. It’s going to motivate me and keep me going!!! Thanks

  3. I find this post very beautiful because I’m a huge fan of fitness and I love to encourage everyone to start the journey too.My niche is Yoga because I find that it helps me get better at life while achieving my fitness goals. I like that you talk about healthy eating while on a fitness journey because it is very important. However I am distressed at the popular notion that you have to go on a “diet” or skip meals to stay healthy. I believe it’s all about eating appropriately and well and I strongly encourage everyone to have 3 square meals everyday day. I wrote about this in a blog post, feel free to check it out.
    I really want to win the gym bag because I need it to contain my workout essentials. Thanks. Xoxo

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