Power of Positive Confessions and Beliefs

Power of Positive Confessions and Beliefs


Today’s post is a quick read, a little something to push you this new week.

The church service yesterday was totally about beliefs ,humility, low self expectations and how it all affects us as human beings and how we are perceived by people. beliefs are self fulfilling and they run the show of your life.

Later in the day, I caught myself in the middle of saving a new friends name as “pretty Derin” ( that’s her bbm user name ) and it just struck. “People actually get to see you the way you see yourself.

And it goes beyond the names we choose to bear to even what we think of ourselves, our positivity, our confidence, our disposition and self love. They all reflect and somehow influence how people and even the world sees us.

The universe is powerful and it flows with tons of positive and of course negative energies.  Just letting out good vibes either from the way you see yourself or how you treat others just attracts the goodness to you.

Even the Bible talks about the power of positive confession and thoughts.  “As a man thinketh so he is”. The way you see yourself is the way others see you.

I am Toyosi ……. I am a winner,

Lady wearing green peplum top and skirt paired with yellow shoes and purse
Strutting into the greatness of a new week

What do you choose to call yourself this new week?,  I’ll love to know in the comments section…

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