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Hey there darling readers and lovers, i’d be sharing a few travel tips which i abide by on most if not all of my trips away from home. Have you ever been perceived as a “meticulous” individual or a sort of perfectionist? I sometimes feel my close pals and team see me as one, which is as a result of how careful i often try to be when doing certain things which relates to my work, creative life (blogging, content creation etc) and my personal life (family and the kids).

First off i would like to say that traveling is one of the most effective forms of therapy which could drain away your sorrow and stress levels in a single breeze. A single flight out of the city you’re so used to, to quite a far away tranquil land without the everyday hustle and bustle and blaring sounds of automobile horns is definitely one thing we all need occasionally even if it’s just once a year.


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What other better way to plan a trip either long or short than booking your flight ahead in order to secure cheap flights and save some money. You can get amazing cheap flights from Lagos to NewYork right from the convenience of your sofa just by a click of a button either on your PC or mobile device. Once your flight has been booked all you’ve got left to do is plan the remaining aspects of your trip which includes your accommodation, finding and booking fun things to do at your destination , luggage amongst others . Although if you wouldn’t want to worry about all this , you can just use a travel company , who will go through your budget and sort all your logistics out for you based on your  budget.

My next travel adventure is taking me to New York in summer and to save money and peak period ticket stress, i am already looking to book my ticket ahead of time via “Travel Start” which is arguably the best go-to company in Nigeria to book cheap flights, reserve comfy rooms in great hotels and also get car rentals right from the airport. With travelstart you can get cheap flights to new york and beyond if you book early. Booking early accommodations ensures you to stay at the best hotels with the most relaxing amenities at a bargain.

After ticket has been sorted, then comes the most dreaded part of travel – packing baggage! This is one things I know a lot of people do not like because some are so clumsy they forget the most important things and some people are so meticulous they literally relocate their entire house. The result of which either way will be catastrophic.

I learnt how to pack the right way after a few bad experiences, like having to throw things out of my box at the airport or pay for excess luggage which is usually ridiculous especially if you are on a budget (crying).

So today I’m sharing a few travel tips with you which will teach you how to pack the right items for your next travel, by the way have you read one of my exploration post about the fun things to at the lekki conservation centre?





This is one of the most important parts of each trip or travel where you get to write down every and any activities you will be engaging in during your trip. From visiting art galleries, to the breath-taking parks with trees plus comfy benches and not to mention the wide stretch of beaches wherever you’re headed which must be laced with golden sand to caress one’s feet. This will ensure you do not leave any activity unattended to which might lead to regrets later on.


Once you’re done making a list of the various places you will be touring and exploring while on your trip, your choice of outfit should be the next thing. Why? This ensures you select the most appropriate outfits for exploration while on your trip. It also helps you with packing items you truly need while on your journey to avoid overloading and having to pay for extra luggage at the airport. I usually would favor multifunctional clothes in this case such as playsuits which I can wear on its own and also as a top with skirts at the same time.


Depending on how long you are staying at your destination, carrying your entire bathing gel, moisturiser and other bulky toiletries should be avoided . Instead a sizeable portion that will last you through your entire trip should be poured in smaller travel containers like this ones which are super cute and travel friendly.


Now that you’ve picked out the essential items, its time to choose a bag that will be spacious enough to contain everything , sturdy enough to prevent a damage from being moved around and still lightweight to avoid being a burden on you!!!


For items that you need on the go such as your electronic gadgets (smart phones, iPad, laptop), valuables (money, jewellery, ATM cards) documents (passports, boarding and bag tags) amongst others which might come in handy during your flight, i recommend using a backpack because they are compact, allows you hand room, convenient and super comfortable to just carry on your back. This one from Jansport totally fits the bill and it is my go to one because it’s super stylish (very me), and super comfortable to carry because of the padded straps and compartments for different things to keep me organized on the go! I mean, what’s better than a backpack that holds your essential items firmly and well secured while you are busy rushing through a crowd of people in between flights at the airport.


I learnt this trick from a co-traveller at the airport . She saw me struggling with the zipper of my box as i was trying to  check – in and she told me that tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded clothes and they are less likely to be badly wrinkled. This single tip has literally reduced my packing time and worry about if my clothes will be immediately wearable when I get to my destination.


For items that are prone to spillage such as moisturizers and or hair products, (depending on the size you are carrying) use cling films to cover them (remove the lid place the plastic film on the main bottle neck and replace the lid) then put them in a plastic sealable bag e.g ziploc . This ensures a no spill -no mess travel!!


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Nothing more annoying than standing by the bag carousel and literally picking up every bag that looks like yours only to realize it’s not yours… I use a plastic name bag tags when I travel and it saves me a lot of stress and embarrassment. If you don’t have a name tag handy, you could use the brightest ribbon color you can find and tie it onto the handle of your bag, that way it is still distinct enough for you to easily identify your bag!



Store items of jewels in light weight stainless grocery containers or plastic containers stuffed with cotton wool. Once properly packed, you best carry them in your backpack or handbag so as to prevent damage or loss.



Trust me nothing could be as depressing as you not finding a specific item or document in your luggage upon your arrival at the airport or at your desired destination as this could actually be the one item you need the most… Cross checking ensures you’ve packed the essential items and documents needed for your journey.



Hope you find these tips handy for when next you are planning a trip!

Did I leave out anything? Kindly share your most trusted travel tips with me in the comment section, so we can all learn something new.

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Till next time…..


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