Love is a beautiful feeling and Valentine is a perfect time to plan a special time-out for you and your partner . 


valentine,love ,date ideas ,what to do at valentine

A well planned romantic date on Valentine’s day tells your special one that you love them and you are thinking of them always.
Men and women are different and have different tastes, so if you are stuck wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day , here are some date ideas for you and your partner to explore and enjoy.
  valentine,love ,date ideas ,what to do at valentine

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas . 

Planning out a date is always fun. For Valentine day however, you would want to plan out something romantic, different and unique.
Here are some ideas to help you plan and make this day memorable.


1. A simple candle light dinner: If your lover is rarely home due to work or other reasons, then a candle light dinner coupled with a great home cooked meal and good wine will be the ultimate romantic idea for Val’s Day. However, you can take the dinner date out to a nice restaurant, or a private beach and have dinner under the stars.

candle lit dinners,valentine date ideas for couples

2. Go shopping together: Make shopping a fun activity by going out shopping together.  You can pick and pay for his outfits and he yours. Shopping however isn’t limited to clothes. You can go grocery, furniture or even car shopping . This will be a fun experience for both of you, especially if you don’t normally go shopping together.


3. The perfect spa date: Spa time is a time to pamper ourselves. Go out and give yourselves a treat. Get your hair done, a haircut, facials, a couple’s massage, Mani-Pedis and just pamper yourselves.

You deserve to spoil yourself a bit or a lot. If you are in Lagos , i personally have visited and love ORIKI SPA and will recommend it any day.

There are other spas in Lagos . Such as Oasis MedSpa, Tirta Ayu Spa , or any other one more accessible to you at your location.


spa date ,oriki spa ,valentine,love ,date ideas ,what to do at valentine



4. Do something fun and adventurous together: Relationships are all about the experiences.  Consider something fun like going dancing, bike racing, go-karting. Do you have any fears? Why not conquer it together? This will be both adventurous and romantic for you two.

You can conquer your fear of heights by skydiving, taking the longest canopy walk in Africa at the Lekki Conservation Center, you can go jet skiing and boat riding at Takwa bay together.

 ,canopy walk ,adventures in lagos valentine date ideas for couples


5. A couple getaway: A vacation with bae is always a great idea and this might also be a great time and opportunity to propose to her (wink).


valentine,love ,date ideas ,what to do at valentine



Take some time off work and go to a hotel or resort to spend a few days together just the two of you, away from chaos, worries and the maybe the kids. Some very impressive place to enjoy a getaway if you are in Nigeria are La Campagne Tropicana, Omu Resort, Epe Resort and so on. 

While planning a date might sometime seem like a lot of trouble , the fun and happiness it holds is absolutely worth it. Especially when , your other half is beaming with excitement and joy

couple getaway ,couples ,valentine,love ,date ideas ,what to do at valentine



I sincerely hope you find this date ideas helpful and you have a love-filled, romantic and memorable  valentine celebration.

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